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Andrew Garrison | a blog about software development

Andrew Garrison

a blog about software development

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SimpleRockets 2 is now available for mobile

Posted on Sep 19 by

After more than three years of development, SimpleRockets 2 is now available on the iOS App Store and Google Play. You can get it here. As usual, here’s a new launch...


SimplePlanes Trailer

Posted on Nov 27 by

Just remembered that I still have this blog. Well, the past year I’ve been writing a game with Philip Tarpley about building airplanes. The game is called SimplePlanes....


Ice Bucket Challenge

Posted on Aug 28 by

I’m sure everyone is tired of seeing the ice bucket challenge videos by now, but I am so excited to see a marketing campaign go viral for medical research. I hope they are...


STL Game Jam

Posted on Apr 15 by

This weekend I went to the STL Game Jam at Webster University. I had never been to a Game Jam so I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect. I really wanted to make a game with...


My next game, SimpleWheels.

Posted on Apr 1 by

It’s time to unveil what we’ve been working on for the past few months. They say don’t reinvent the wheel. But sometimes, you just need to know: will it...