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Ice Bucket Challenge

Posted on Aug 28 by

I’m sure everyone is tired of seeing the ice bucket challenge videos by now, butĀ I am so excited to see a marketing campaign go viral for medical research. I hope they are...


STL Game Jam

Posted on Apr 15 by

This weekend I went to the STL Game Jam at Webster University. I had never been to a Game Jam so I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect. I really wanted to make a game with...


My next game, SimpleWheels.

Posted on Apr 1 by

It’s time to unveil what we’ve been working on for the past few months. They say don’t reinvent the wheel. But sometimes, you just need to know: will it...


Jundroo’s Game Architecture and Tools

Posted on Nov 25 by

I am frequently asked what I use to write my games, so I thought it was time to just write it down and put it in one place. Architecture 95% of my code is in C++, and then I have...


Landing a rover on Smoon in SimpleRockets

Posted on Sep 11 by

It seems that every time I release a new game, my players manage to do the impossible. SimpleRocketsĀ has been no different. Within just days after release, I am seeing high...