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I am frequently asked what I use to write my games, so I thought it was time to just write it down and put it in one place.


95% of my code is in C++, and then I have a different application layer for each platform. Windows is C++, Android is Java, iOS is Obj-C, and Windows Phone is C#.



I do nearly all of my coding in Visual Studio 2012 on a Windows 8 machine. It’s my favorite IDE by far, and is also my favorite product from Microsoft. C# is my language of choice, but C++ is a great since it runs everywhere. This is changing now that Unity3D is becoming so popular. I have started to tinker with it and I’m really excited that it uses C# for scripting. It is possible that my entire workflow may change for my next project, but that’s to be expected sooner or later.

Artwork is done in Photoshop, though most art is done by my friend, Matt Clair. Sprites are packed into a a texture atlas using TexturePacker.

I use Audacity for any audio work, but I typically buy stock sounds from I have yet to put music into any of my games.