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SimplePhyics Released – BridgeBasher and Skyword are Free!

Posted by on Mar 30, 2011 in Everything | 0 comments

Today has been a crazy day. SimplePhysics was released and it has already climbed to #20 in the US App Store. I have also made BridgeBasher and Skyword free for a short while to help with the promotion, so if you haven’t already tried those, make sure you grab them in the next few days. This is essentially three apps for the price of one: I have...

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SimplePhysics v1.2 (Release Candidate) Submitted!

Posted by on Mar 22, 2011 in Everything | 0 comments

I am uploading v1.2 of SimplePhysics to iTunes as I’m writing this. There are several bug fixes and small enhancements in this update, and there are two huge enhancements: 1) Finger Test – Use your finger to push and pull on your design. You can apply forces to your design with pinpoint accuracy, or you can smash it to smithereens, which is...

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SimplePhysics v1.1 Submitted to the App Store.

Posted by on Mar 13, 2011 in Everything | 0 comments

I submitted v1.1 of SimplePhysics tonight.  This is a big update, with several enhancements and bug fixes. Thanks to all of my beta testers for finding some of those bugs! Here’s what’s new in v1.1: Leaderboards!  Tutorial Level  Increased difficulty of all levels  Added budgets to levels  Added save/load  Bug fixes Tags:...

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SimplePhysics Beta [Closed]

Posted by on Mar 5, 2011 in Everything | 0 comments

UPDATE: The Beta is now closed. I have given out all 50 promo codes. SimplePhysics has been approved! However, it is not yet available in the app store. I have set the release date to be the end of March. There are still a few more things that I want to include in the final version before it officially goes live. If you would like to try SimplePhysics now,...

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