SimplePhysics v1.2 (Release Candidate) Submitted!

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I am uploading v1.2 of SimplePhysics to iTunes as I’m writing this. There are several bug fixes and small enhancements in this update, and there are two huge enhancements:
1) Finger Test – Use your finger to push and pull on your design. You can apply forces to your design with pinpoint accuracy, or you can smash it to smithereens, which is undeniably more fun. Here is a screenshot of me tugging on my tree house design:

2) Skyscraper Level – I think this is the best level yet. Design a 24 story skyscraper that can withstand winds of up to 300mph, and it must do this for under $175,000. I am VERY curious to see what you guys come up with to solve this one:

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SimplePhysics v1.1 Submitted to the App Store.

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I submitted v1.1 of SimplePhysics tonight.  This is a big update, with several enhancements and bug fixes. Thanks to all of my beta testers for finding some of those bugs!
Here’s what’s new in v1.1:

  • Leaderboards! 
  • Tutorial Level 
  • Increased difficulty of all levels 
  • Added budgets to levels 
  • Added save/load 
  • Bug fixes
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SimplePhysics Beta [Closed]

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UPDATE: The Beta is now closed. I have given out all 50 promo codes.

SimplePhysics has been approved! However, it is not yet available in the app store. I have set the release date to be the end of March. There are still a few more things that I want to include in the final version before it officially goes live. If you would like to try SimplePhysics now, then e-mail me and I will send you a promo code where you can download it now for free. E-mail me at iphone at andrewgarrison dot com and put ‘promo code’ in the subject line. I only have 50 promo codes, so act quickly!

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SimplePhysics Submitted to the AppStore!

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I finally submitted SimplePhysics (the sequel to BridgeBasher) to the App Store tonight. My carefully crafted binary must now begin the long and dangerous trek through the approval process. I can only pray that it makes it through on the first submission.

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BridgeBasher – Bridge Gallery

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View other people’s bridges and upload screenshots of your bridges to the Bridge Gallery:

BridgeBasher Free for a Day

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I have decided to make BridgeBasher free for a short while, starting on January 24th. Don’t miss out! Get it while it’s free!

Ferris Wheel Level

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The second level in SimplePhysics will be centered around the structure of a ferris wheel. I’m really trying to make sure that every level will be unique and challenging.

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BridgeBasher Leaderboards

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Ever since I added Leaderboards to BridgeBasher, I have been shocked with the scores that have been submitted. Within a few hours, BridgeBasher players had already decimated my best score.

BridgeBasher Sequel – SimplePhysics

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I’ve started working on a sequel to BridgeBasher, tentatively named SimplePhysics. It will have a similar look and feel to BridgeBasher, but will feature a very diverse collection of levels. From tree houses to carnival rides, SimplePhysics will keep you entertained for hours.

Press Release from prMac

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Independent programmer Andrew Garrison today introduces Touch Island 1.0 for iOS, his 3D modeling and rendering app that enables the user to create a photo-realistic island surrounded by ocean. Sculpting mountains, valleys, and lakes is accomplished with a single finger. An auto-color function assigns shading by altitude, or color may be applied manually. The angle and altitude of sunlight, and camera angle are adjustable, and rendering with textures and reflections is done using ray-tracing.

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