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I submitted an update this weekend for a new level for SimplePhysics, named Bomb Shack. In this level, you must build a small shelter to protect a crash test dummy from an indirect explosion. If the dummy gets blasted, or if he is struck by a falling support, then you fail. The level simulates realistic explosions, so you will have more success trying to create a slim, angled shelter to deflect the explosion, rather than a beefy shelter that absorbs it.

This update comes with more goodies though. Since I was creating explosions, I thought “wouldn’t it be cool if I could blow up all the old levels too?” So, I made it so. The finger test is now enhanced to let you create explosions on every level. Some are more fun than others, personally my favorite is the staircase level.

I also thought: “It would be awesome if the dummy supported ragdoll physics.” Be sure to play with him, he is a lot of fun. Throw him around, blow him up, he is quite entertaining.

After I implemented those features, I thought to myself: “Man, it would be extremely cool if I could slow the simulation down so I could watch the explosions in slow motion.” So, say hello to the slow motion feature. Watching explosions in slow motion is more fun than I anticipated, especially when it involves the new ragdoll physics.

This update has been so much fun to make and I think it opens up a whole new world to explore, so I am going to start working on a spin-off of SimplePhysics, tentatively titled SimplePhysics Bombs. Don’t worry, it will be free, and will have 5 to 10 levels, all similar in nature to this Bomb Shack level.

I hope you enjoy the update!

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